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LogoDesign, Corporate Identity, Klein- und Großformat Anzeigen,

Vektorgrafiken & mehr


Katologe, Bücher, Broschüren, Visitenkarte, Briefköpfe, Jahresgutachten & mehr


Webgestaltung, Web Design & Web Redesign, statische Web-Banner, animierte Web-Banner und mehr

people like what i do

"Laura is an extremely dependable creative design professional who always delivers top notch service and products."

etwas von meiner arbeit

Website Design Geschenke für Freunde
Laura Booth, Freelance Logo Designer
Branding & Web Design, Pet Finder
Annual Report Design
Book Cover & Inside Layout Design
Web Design for Högers Restaurant
Brochure for Swiss Company
Catalog Design, 16-page
Weather Forecast Design
Logo Design by Laura Booth SP1
Logo Design & Illustration Layout
Logo Design & Branding by Laura Booth 1

Function and form need to be best friends. Each

must be in constant communication with the other in order to achieve successful, relevant & beautiful designs.


who i am

I am a freelance graphic designer & web designer. 

Born & raised in Connecticut, USA, I now live & work both in the USA & in Germany. Travel, people, cultures & languages are my passions. I've been blessed to have had the opportunity to visit twenty-seven different countries so far. These experiences have given me an understanding of and sensitivity to the specific needs of my clients based on their brand, audience, location & other culture-specific factors.

I studied Graphic Design at Meramec & Washington University in St. Louis & worked as an in-house designer in St. Louis before opening my freelance design studio in 2009. I speak both English & German & as a freelance graphic designer, I've worked with clients all over the United States & the world, including Germany, Austria, Australia, Norway, Israel, Russia & Switzerland .

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